Sunday, May 26, 2013

emerging after the rain

It has been raining here for several days.  My weather app last night informed me of the risk of flooding and this morning revealed a very muddy and high river.  But nothing as dramatic as the morning last summer when I found the lower section of the dock about to break away in the swift current.  I actually lassoed it and tied it to a tree that day.  And felt very proud of myself.

But during all of the rain of the past few days, some plants have lost their flowers and slipped away and a whole new cast of characters has quietly stolen in while we were staying dry inside.

Honeysuckle, cornflowers, violets, and phlox are now in bloom.

And in the garden?  Such surprises.  Potatoes, mini salads, herbs, onions, strawberry flowers and rhubarb.

There is much to put in tomorrow.  And much to take out, since the weeds have benefitted from the days of rain even more than the intentional plantings.

Tomorrow's weather prediction is for sun and warmer temperatures.  We plan to spend the day in the garden.  The seedlings are already waiting on the porch, having hardened off there for a few days.

Just before dinner we all headed down to the river.  We saw our first glimpse of blue in a few days.  And...

The beaver was out, collecting sticks and swimming them across the river to the opposite bank.  Our first sighting this year.

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