Friday, April 12, 2013

every shovel needs a bucket

If you give a moose a muffin, he'll want some jam to go with it.

I guess I have been given my muffin...the aforementioned bulk section of the grocery store.  And now I want some jam to go with it.

I have recently returned from the grocery store.  One of the things that I was there to purchase was organic cane sugar, in bulk of course.  Now, I know I am new to this food in bags thang, but I have to admit that I struggle a bit looking, well, skilled in the shovel section.  Spices I can handle.  They go in hard plastic containers.  Honey, olive oil, and others things that drip?  Into bottles.  Got that (though am I supposed to carry something to wipe my hands or the bottle with if perchance I spill a little bit?).  Things in large barrels I have worked through by setting my bags into the barrel as I scoop into them and therefore should I miss or should the bag drain, it goes right back into the barrel (although I still struggle with the shovels on coiley strings and how to get them around the flip up cover and still be long enough to dig without making the cover flip down on my arm or head).

But the containers that are all lined up in rows?  They totally baffle me.  Where am I supposed to support my flimsy floppy spilly uncooperative bag as I fill it?  And how, when the velcro on the top of the container has been filled with say, spelt...or millet...(I am making these up, these are not items I have ventured into, I just think the words are funny) and therefore the top is no longer held open by the velcro and falls down each time I let go of it with my left hand while I dig in with my right hand and reach for my bag, trapping the shovel and my hand inside the container, forcing me to let go of my bag to open the cover, causing my bag to flop, and slowly drain, almonds bouncing across the aisle...landing under the feet of the bemused I supposed to do that?

I may need to camp out in the bulk area for a bit and observe how the real shoppers do it.  I could ask the nice man who always seems to be refilling containers when I am there...but I think he enjoys watching my struggles, so I don't really want to take that away from him.

I double bagged my sugar today because I have learned that if you do not, it often gets double bagged in the checkout line or if it does not, it often gets torn and spills in my reusable, of course, grocery bag on the way home.  And then you face the dilemma of pondering just how clean your grocery bag was and if it is okay to just pour the spilled sugar straight into your canister.  These ponderings are time consuming.  So for today, I accepted defeat in the plastic saving department in order to save myself the loss of any money I was saving by buying bulk if the bag should again tear.

After completing my dramatic spilly time in the bulk section I headed out and hit a few more rows before I got into line at the checkout counter.  At some point between the freezer section and the baking goods section, I apparently tore a hole in the sugar bag...bags.  I blame the shark-like edge of the butter box.  Like Gretel, I had left behind a trail of sugar crystals throughout the area, easily followed by a wolf, or in this case, Whole Foods employee.  

I think I blushed the color of my frozen strawberries when the very nice man (or maybe he was a wolf in nice man's clothing) stopped and pointed out the spillage.  It was pooling around my cart...and in my kale.

So, now that I have my shovels, I think I need a bucket.  I think this will do.

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