Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We here in Maine are greening up.  We have moved just past ugly.  Don't get me wrong, ugly is still here.  But the tinge of non-mud color here and there helps you overlook it.  Lawns are turning green-ish.  There are no longer ice patches anywhere, even the huge piles in the middle of the large parking lots have finally melted away...leaving dirt.

I guess you might call it bud season.  There are things about to happen everywhere, or even some things that already did.

With the bees a bit delayed, my almost ready hive boxes are sitting on the porch, a bit unmotivated to get all the foundation into the frames until I received the two week warning was I.  They are painted and we have chosen a site for them, but they are waiting for their inhabitants.

And so, I am turning my mind toward the other preparations, planting the fruit patch, getting in the early seeds, tending the seedlings we started indoors.  And watching the buds, of leaves and flowers, as they emerge almost secretly amongst the pale green.

Waiting to open for business.

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