Sunday, September 22, 2013

end of summer

We spent the weekend with one bare foot in summer and the other in a wool sock stepping into fall.  We picked apples at one of our favorite orchards, Ricker Hill, with the most beautiful views of the mountains and clouds out across the farm.

And then headed off into those beautiful mountains and down to the lake.  Though it was mild and the water was still warm enough for the intrepid to swim, the turning colors of the leaves, on the trees as we walked and along the shore as we kayaked, were constant reminders of the change in season.  

But that did not keep us from getting out in the light, watching it shift and change across the hills and lake as the clouds moved across the sky.  Or from dipping our toes in the water and getting tickled by the reeds as we whooshed through patches.

There is something wonderful about pushing these last few moments, on the brink between one season and another, getting a few possible one last times in and looking ahead to the goodness that is to come.  Being reminded that there is just as much beauty ahead as there was behind.  Moments when you stand with your bare feet in warm water and feel the chill in the breeze, colors reflected in the rippled lake, clouds sitting upon the mountains.  The change in the air and saying goodbye for another year.  But always, the possibility for one last swim, and knowing that it will all come around again.  

Happy Fall!

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