Tuesday, September 10, 2013

time away

As the summer wound down, I gave myself a few weeks off from writing here, while we were away from reliable internet access.  And, I took the opportunity to finish up another writing project and to soak up the end of our summer together before school started.  Both boys celebrated birthdays, we traveled a bit, and read a great deal.

Here are a few pictures of how we spent this time.

Time at home.

Time away at camp.

Camping in Acadia.

Julia left this note for the next family that would use our camp site when we left.  Wishing others as much togetherness and beauty and fun as we have had this summer.  A respite, a renewal for the year ahead.  Going through the photos today is reminding me of the peace and joy we all shared this summer.  I am still processing all this as our children return to school and Jonathan to his school year as well.  So don't be surprised if I decide to share more about some of these adventures during the coming weeks.

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