Sunday, October 13, 2013

inspired by a little girl

I walked out of the kitchen into the family room, a bit hurried, a bit of a grump, to find this.  

It stopped me short in my tracks. Jonathan was at a meeting, so I had just finished making dinner while simultaneously working with Nicholas on his homework and listening to Elliott practice the piano in the living room out of my other ear.  I was looking for Julia, who had disappeared from the kitchen, probably getting out of Dodge and thus escaping the nervous energy in there.

As I looked at this, in my head I heard the Wicked Witch of the West screaming: I'm melting!!

What I heard in the real world, in the family room, was a snicker.  And looked over to see Julia, face in a book, not looking up, giggling.

Wow.  Where did that come from?  What inspired her to do this, I wondered?  Was she really that bored waiting for dinner and for me to finish quizzing Nicholas on his vocabulary flashcards?

But hey.  I highly value boredom.  And I think in moments of boredom, amazing ideas are born.

The next day, I came upon this.  In our yard.  Our deflated blow up Halloween decorations.

These decorations bring such delight and joy to the kids.  Each year we all march up to the attic and pull out the Halloween decorations.  These two lovely items are always the first to be put out, Elliott dancing with excitement as they are plugged in and they take their shape.  

And they make me cringe a bit, their public gaudiness.  Jonathan enjoys toying with me and sometimes returns with post holiday sale items to add to the menagerie.  The neighbors must be so proud. Here they lay, waiting for someone who enjoys them, appreciates them, takes the time to plug them in so they can...rise to their full glory...and glow their festive fabulousness.

I am thinking these fallen lawn ornaments may be what generated Julia's flat art.  Inspired by a few moments of boredom.  For a little girl to fiddle around in her mind for a few minutes and create a silly joke, quietly waiting for someone to discover it.  As is her way.  

And to instantly morph me from a mood of grumpy wickedness to happiness and giggles. As we all sit down around the table to share a meal together.  Melting and reshaping into our real selves.  Talking and sharing our moments of inspired acts of the day.

Who would have thought a little girl like you could have destroyed my beautiful wickedness?

Wicked Witch of the West

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