Sunday, October 20, 2013


Most of the leaves in the woods of our favorite walk are down now.  Looking at the light, and the colors in certain sections of the trees, it could just as easily be 35 degrees as it could be a warmish 60.  And in the course of a day, the temperatures can fluctuate quite dramatically.

And therefore, a walk in these woods began with us all in our necessary bright colors this time of year, given various possible hunting seasons underway.  And in various layers of warmth, hats, jackets and wool socks.  As we walked, the sun rose higher, the light intensified, and the warm colors of leaves still on the trees started to assert themselves.  Still here.  Still Fall.

And the chilly beginning, hands in pockets, a bit disconnected and grumpish, moved into carefree running, rock hopping and general silliness.  The layers of clothing came off and moved from one child to another as their body temperature required it.  As the sun rose higher and everyone's mood and energy level rose, and we opened ourselves to the air around us, alone in the woods.  On this walk, moods went from edgy and tense.  To quiet.  And then chatty.  Then giddy.

The kids found joy in the wildness and in the discovery of new pockets of adventure.  Such as leaf sliding and climbing on a steep hill deep in the woods.

I do believe that Elliott had a lengthy and quiet conversation, that may have included singing, with the chilly and gently babbling brook.  I wish I could have heard what he was saying.

And while he was chatting away, Julia was splashing intentionally, the dappled light catching on the drops.

And Nicholas.  Because really, it is not a trip to the brook for us without one of us falling in, he took the fall for us this weekend.  Unintentionally.  And the brook is cold this time of year.  But he handled it better than some of the younger ones might have.  And continued on.

Julia was zig zagging back and forth across the brook, finding different ways across, back and forth, back and forth.  Weaving her way up the river.

A step, cautious and tentative.  Then a rebalancing upon a tippy mossy slippery low in the water rock, composing oneself, and then leaping up to high and dry ones.

The intentional placement, rebalancing, and leaping onward of each river crossing.  Of each walk together in the woods.  Allows us to leap into the week ahead, and hopefully do so a bit more resilient when we face some of the likely stress and mishaps of the coming week.

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