Sunday, November 3, 2013

a bit of warmth and an open barn

One evening of warm temperatures and a barn clean out led to some serious hootenanny with every wheeled toy being taken out of the barn and used for some kind of runway racing.   The brick walkway between the barn and house has a slight slope to it, enough to get wheels rolling.  With a fork in the pathway, and a stone step near the bottom of the hill, the walkway holds danger and possible crashing, just to keep things interesting.

There was loud clattering across the bricks, near misses, intentional crashing, roll overs, and some very creative methods of braking and steering.  Or not.

I seriously have not heard them laugh this hard in a long time.  It started in the light, and ended in the complete dark, despite my having turned on the outside lights.  They came in laughing.  Sweaty.  Breathing hard.  And so pleased with their games and rules and challenges, chattering away with each other during a late dinner.

The next night, with temperatures much more seasonal, they returned.  This time in fleeces, gloves, pajamas and socks.  Their breath visible in the cold.  Such a different feel to the evening due to the chill.

As we cooked dinner just inside, I could hear them jabbering away again.  Making new rules, new challenges, choosing new vehicles and placements.  Negotiating away, easily and collaboratively.  Checking in with each other after each crash.  And running back up the hill to do it again.  

So maybe it wasn't the warm temperatures that made them so giddy.  Maybe it was just the chance to be outside and on wheels.  Bumping and crashing.  Oh so loudly.  And with a bit of controlled danger.  But whatever it was, it was some serious fun and they were truly enjoying each other.  Soon, if the temperatures tonight are any indication, all this could happen with a bit more cushion, a bit more slide and less roll.  On sleds, in the snow.  Soon.

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