Friday, December 6, 2013


At bedtime, Elliott and I are reading The Reluctant Dragon.  We have read it here many times before, but it found its way back into the library bag this week.  I love this quote from the first page:
His parents were very fond of him, and proud of him too.  They knew that book learning came in useful in a pinch, so they let him read as much as he liked.  Natural history and fairy tales were what he liked mostly.  And he would read them in a mixed-together, sandwichy sort of way, which is really rather a sensible way of reading.  
Kenneth Grahame, The Reluctant Dragon

This week, returning from Thanksgiving, has been full.  Full of settling back into home, into school, into work.  But with an eye toward more holidays to come in the not so distant weeks.

These days feel a bit sandwichy.  As I look about the house, as I compost the gourds and clear off surfaces to make way for more decorating, odd piles of mismatch are everywhere.  Orange and greens clash with the reds and silver.

Pumpkin seeds saved from harvested sugar pumpkins for pies sit beside shells and and sea weed and mermaids purses collected from a beach -- while we sported parkas and hats and mittens.

My work area has a hilarious and perfectly sensible mix of books upon it.  At least to me.

And chicken tending and hive wrapping and bread baking and mouse relocating and forgotten Halloween decorations and basketball games and barn dances and recitals can all easily coexist in one day.


It is a busy, happy, blendy kind of time.  Yup.  That's what this week is.  A mixed-up sandwichy kind of week.

I do like my sandwiches.

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