Sunday, December 8, 2013


This weekend we had our first significant snowfall, falling during the night, blanketing everything in the yard just enough to feel transformative.

I dashed outside after Jonathan awoke me to tell me that the temperature was hovering just at freezing, knowing that as soon as the sun started to warm the air, the snow would quickly disappear.

Things which I had photographed just days before edged with frost were now covered with snow.  Still there, just fluffy now instead of fuzzy.

I wasn't the first one out this morning.

Ironically, the river has thawed, and is open again.  This is sad for skating possibilities.  But lovely for reflecting the blue skies.

And speaking of blue skies, in the short time I was down there, the percussion of dripping became louder and louder.  And soon the smooth surface of the river was dappled in expanding concentric circles.

In this season, it only takes moments for things to transform and to change.  And it only takes seconds to miss something you might not have even known was occurring.  This one, this moment, I did not miss.  I found myself watching a solid blanket slide away into liquid.  And I will carry that moment of quiet with me throughout the day, a silence to hold among the other joyful noises.

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