Friday, January 24, 2014

full grown people

A few months ago, I happened upon Jennifer Niesslein's web magazine, Full Grown People.  It was like finding an old friend, in a way.  I had missed her writing and editing since she and Stephanie Wilkinson had sold their magazine, Brain, Child.

I read through the information on the website, learned about what was new for this woman, who I have never met but who had been a voice in my head for years as I devoured every issue of her former magazine, as a parent of three very young children.

And I felt like this, her new adventure, was again following and growing along next to me.  Speaking to me.  Here I am.  Older.  Parenting older children.  Adjusting.  And definitely still very awkward.

When I found Full Grown People, I did two things.  I sent a link to my very good friend (an actual, real world friend).  This person is my former Brain, Child friend, she and I swapping back and forth issues between us for years, whispering to each other about articles while our sons played in warm soapy water in her kitchen sink and we furtively drank tea.  Or emailing late at night, a sick child asleep on our chest and our right hand jabbing out...did you read this one?  Must discuss.

And the other thing I did was sit down and start writing.

This is all to say that the essay I wrote after finding Full Grown People is featured there today.  I am quite delighted.  Take a look, here, if you have a minute.

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  1. Thank you, Rebecca! And, hot damn, your essay is resonating with a lot of people!


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