Tuesday, February 4, 2014

shhh...don't speak of it...but maybe...

Mommy.  Did you know that another way to get a snow day is to wear your pajamas inside out?

Nicholas announced this as I was bent upside down, retrieving the cascade of teaspoons that had just fallen out of the freezer when I opened it.

Reaaally.  Well.  Make it so.

We here love our snow days.  Though we all have a good healthy relationship with school and mostly look forward to it each day, there is still something about the excitement of a snow day.  The unexpected day of all day pajama wearing.  The ability to say no thank you to any offers we don't want to do and activities we could use a break from, allowing us to gracefully bow out of obligations and rushing around.  Because the gift of a snow day being declared is that someone else has told you it is not safe to be driving.  I will not quibble with the person who has the awesome power of calling a snow day.  I will just say thank you for protecting my safety, turn off my alarm, and go back to sleep.

My children have cultivated this love as well.  And given that Jonathan works in schools, he is also usually a fellow snow day enthusiast.  

There are so few moments in our typical week that allow us all to just hang out at home.  And not just hang out, but actually to feel like we have to be here.  It is not safe to leave.  Good things ensue.  Like big breakfasts.  And board games.  And large bowls of popcorn.  And art.

And so, tonight, NECN is telling us that a snow day is likely tomorrow.  NECN has a direct red phone line to the person who calls our snow day, so I also do not quibble with them.  Likely, though I have not looked, the meteorologists are all wearing sweaters and the least senior member of the team is standing outside with hairsprayed hair and an umbrella in the dark telling us that there is no sign of snow yet, but you can just feel it's coming.  And yes, I have been tracking this storm for days because I really felt that we all could use a bit of a break.

And honestly, the borscht that Elliott was going to make tomorrow with his class?  Beets are a winter crop.  They store well.  It can wait.  And music lessons?  Well, we could use the extra time to practice.  

I hit the grocery store today so we have food, our woodpile is well stocked, and I have my best pajamas, my potentially all day pajamas, on.  Inside out.

I am being a bit of a risk taker here.  We have not made lunches.  Nor have we readied their backpacks or clothing.

But I do.  I do think I can feel it's coming.  And I think we have done all of the rituals to try to make sure this happens.

There are multiple spoons in the freezer.

I do believe that seven ice cubes were flushed down the toilet tonight. 

And short of writing this here, we have not spoken of it, lest it might not come true.

Our pajamas are on inside out.

Homework is done, but with the unspoken understanding that this will just make tomorrow way more fun, since there will also be no new homework.

As a quiet celebration that perhaps we would be snowed in tomorrow, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out.  At this restaurant, the kids often get a special cup of root beer with their dinner.  And lo and behold, I just found a website that says one sure way to get a snow day is to drink root beer.  With a straw.  Check.

So, we are off to bed.  Alarms set.  And hopeful.  Despite the fact that not a flake is currently falling.  But we are a wee bit excited.  

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