Sunday, March 2, 2014

white with foam

Elliott's enormous bean bag needed to be cleaned.  Desperately.  And it had been sitting in our bedroom for weeks, because it is a huge, four foot in diameter blob.  And I could not figure out how to clean it.  Especially when I unzipped the cover and discovered that there was no inner lining.  It was just a cover and then?  Squeezed foam bits.

I considered not cleaning the cover.  Then I attempted spot cleaning.  But this was not adequate for the level of filth.

It just needed to be cleaned.

And so I attempted to optimistically jump in.  How bad could it be?  I carefully laid out sheets on the rug and began to dump the pieces onto the floor where they would remain while I ran the cover through the wash.

It quickly became apparent that this had not been a good idea. The pile of foam was up to my elbows. And it did not just sit where it landed.  It was alive with static electricity.  I had not considered the static.  Foam floated through the air, blowing like tumbleweeds.  It stuck to fabric and metal and cats.  I looked in the mirror to see my face covered in foam, bits dangling from my hair and eyelashes.  I left a trail of it behind me everywhere I walked.

But I felt like I needed to soldier on, to do this, so I could get that ridiculously large beast out of my room.  So I washed and dried the cover, staying away from the pile the whole time, pretending it wasn't there.

Then, clean cover with me, I reentered the room and began trying to put the foam bits back in the bag.  As I feared, it was a disaster.

Even with two kids helping me plow through the indoor snowstorm, scooping it with dust pans and bowls, we weren't getting anywhere fast.

Well, at least we were enjoying ourselves.

I'll spare you the rest of the details, but when Jonathan and I finally got to bed, at midnight, the bean bag had been quietly returned to Elliott's room.  Two vacuum cleaners rested where the foam pile had once been, and we lay in bed exhausted, watching stray bits of foam float above us in the drafty air, knowing we were going to be wading through foam for some time to come.

And to think I undertook the task because I assumed it would be a quick project.  

I think this might have been a good time to have googled the question, because the Foof website clearly states that I should not have done what I did.
18. How do I clean a Foof Chair that doesn't have a liner.
You can only spot clean it like you would any other sofa or fabric covered chair.
The value of wondering and pondering does not necessarily apply to bean bag chairs.

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