Friday, April 18, 2014

i'm with the band

me, in my awesome band uniform, in my 1988 high school yearbook, guiding left

This week, I feel very lucky that Full Grown People -- a web magazine I so enjoy and respect -- has published my essay: I'm With the Band.

It's about being a parent of a sporty kid and feeling completely unable to blend in with the crowd on the bleachers.  Which sends me down the path of considering how I got there, who my crowd was when I was younger, and what this crowd gave me.  In the end, I realize that it doesn't really matter how we move outward and define ourselves; it just matters that we find a place in the crowd that works for us.  We are all still just making music together.  Hopefully having a moment of connection across a crowd, one person's tune finding yours.

The best part, truly, is the video that Jennifer, the editor, found to go with the essay.  It makes me giggle.  Also, if you are giggling and then decide to show your youngish children the silly video too, and you are all standing around watching it until suddenly your child sees the category at the top of the screen that your essay is filed under, Love & Sex, be prepared to have some horrified children.

And here I thought the image of me singing and dancing publicly was going to be what embarrassed them.

And also, I think I need to find myself a camouflage grass costume, with some spanish moss to dangle from the end of my piccolo (watch the video, and then you will understand.  And you will want one, too).

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