Tuesday, April 29, 2014

year two and a big bag

So I made my annual trip north to the Fedco Tree Sale again.  And by annual, I should say I have done it once before.  Last year.  Though there was no man in a sombrero waving me into the parking lot this year, and though I missed the deadline for potatoes (thank goodness for a later deadline at Seed Savers) and my seeds came by mail this year, it was quite the same.  Lovely and friendly and informative and exciting.

We had already placed an order, and this year a big bag was waiting for me with our name on it, as opposed to the rather unimpressive small bag with my name on it last year.

I made it to the greenhouse this year.  I braved being the strange woman with the camera taking pictures a bit more.  I listened as experts told how best to plant the onion sets I purchased.  

And I filled a box with a few annuals and vegetables that I had forgotten to order as seeds.

If I am completely honest about it, the most fun part of the trip for me was the three hours alone in the car during which I listened to Navigating Early, by Clare Vanderpool.  I am loving this book.  And just as I cannot wait for summer for us all to be together and schedule-free and playing and growing in our garden together, I also now cannot wait to share this book with the kids, perhaps placing it first on the list of audiobooks we will listen to together this summer...this summer's Wonder perhaps.

But a close second in terms of fun parts was the indoor section of the tree sale.  I didn't make it inside last year. But this year, having hefted my big bag of heritage apple trees across the parking lot and fitting them into my car...

Sometimes I think I could be a commercial for Subaru

...I then entered the indoor section of the tree sale, where I could pretend for a few minutes, since the big bag in my car was paid for months ago and therefore felt like it was free, that I was only spending the money I spent that day, and therefore my budget expanded, just a bit.

I splurged on a few items that we had decided against when we were pre-ordering.  Because I was alone, and there was no voice of reason (Jonathan's) telling me that we probably didn't need to purchase any wild blueberries this year, or grapes for arbors that have not yet been built.  

And then I took a few minutes to enjoy just how beautiful I find this place to be.  With their environmentally friendly wrapping, their handwritten information posters, their carefully and tidily displayed trees and bushes and plants.  

Their wrapping stations were so perfectly Fedco.

And then it was homeward bound again.  So proud of my bag and its labelled size am I.

last year's pathetically small bag

And now, slowly, sometimes in pajamas, we are, between rainstorms and the unbearable cold and lacrosse practice and school, beginning the work of getting my loot into the ground.

There is a great deal left to do, and seeds that are still waiting to be put in the ground even, but the growing season has definitely begun.

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