Friday, May 23, 2014

chick curriculum...more chick nonsense

It is amazing to us just how quickly our chicks are growing.  The heat lamp has been moved a few inches farther away, their little bodies are getting bigger and heavier and stronger.  

And their sweet little wing nubs are nubs no longer.  They are growing their flight feathers.  Even Tiny.

Some of them can even fly a bit around the brooder box.  Which makes for all kinds of funny sounds and frantic peeping and occassionally panic by Elliott when one of them looks like it is perched to fly out.

Sumo still looks so fuzzy and soft.

But she is keeping these a secret.

Olive prefers to sit on my hand now, rather than to be cupped.

And look at her wings!

And so, with the chicks getting bigger.  And the box staying the same size.  And the kids being a bit worried that they might be getting bored, especially when they tap tap tap their beaks against the sides when the kids get home.  We are developing a 21st Century skills-inspired chicken curriculum that attempts to stimulate their development in ways guided by best practice research.  

Or we just do what the chicks seem to think is fun.

So thinking they needed a bit of time out of the brooder, the kids created a block castle for the chicks to explore and play in.  Complete with their own bird guardians at the gate.

They had quite a good time in there.  They especially enjoyed the buffet.

And then, with all the fluttering and jumping and scrambling in the bin, we decided it was time for them to learn to roost.  So they have been having roosting lessons.

I came up with a quickie solution for a roosting bar.  A tension mounted shower curtain rod from the attic.  And then added a line of masking tape to deal with the adorable but rather pathetic slippage issues.

Of course Possible Rooster was the first to give it a try.  With great success.

Forgive me for what you are about to see.  I couldn't help myself.  They were very patient.

They drew the line at 4, and hopped down.

I continue to entertain myself by trying to photograph them.  I find it quite amusing.  But I have to admit, they are rather unruly subjects.  They may be even harder to get to all look in the same direction, look pleasant, and not scratch themselves than are my three children when trying to get the elusive holiday photo.

Sumo is doing her best version of the Headless Horseman here.  Tiny is a blur, dashing off after a possible snack.
Sumo threatening to take her cuteness and go home, and Olive giving me the silent treatment.  Peep is thinking there is a Possible Hawk nearby.

And our worst moment during the photo shoot.  When Peep decided to try to ride Sumo like a bucking bronco.  Which really didn't go well.

Possible Rooster is still clearly the gentle leader of the motley crew.  And tries to keep them in line.  But it is difficult for her/him.

I can't quite handle the cute of their fluffy bums.

And Tiny is still the most tiniest.

Unlike supermodel photo shoots, the mess left behind is likely a bit different.  I would think.

And Sumo would like you to know that despite Peep's refusal to be a part of the whole counting by chicks ridiculousness followed by the unfortunate bucking bronco incident, she was being very well behaved and patient.

All she wants to know is would you like to wrestle?

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