Friday, May 16, 2014

dandelions and clover

A walk around our yard these days is a bit like playing I Spy with blossoms.

Everywhere, trees are coming into bloom.

Old and new fruit trees are budding.  And soon the bees will find them.

I am working hard in the vegetable garden to wrestle it back from overgrown and needing a good turning.

Getting the beds ready for some direct planting.

Onion sets and peas and lettuces and early herbs are in the ground.

Meanwhile, there is much growing and waiting in the shed where we tried starting our seedlings this year along the wall of windows.  It seems to be working.

And new beds are being created for the fruit plants.  The wild blueberries and strawberries and raspberries are in.  Our remaining chickens join me as I work these beds, eating the worms and grubs I expose, happily gobbling them up.

But outside of these beds I am cleaning up.  Mostly, I am letting the wild be.  Because there is no better bee forage than dandelions and clover, and whatever this small minty smelling purple flower is that is happily winning the war with our grass and even, unfortunately, overpowering some of our strawberries.  I had to draw the line when I found it had also invaded the asparagus.

And this rogue plant that seems to be taking over another grassy spot.  Invasive?  Alien?  Abandoned house plant gone wild?

At this rate, I think grass will soon become the weed in our lawn.

On the Western Front, I am fighting the burdock and dandelions in the garden, removing them by the wheelbarrow full.  Which strikes me as utterly hilarious as I then wheel my cart full of weeds through patches of dandelions in the lawn, gingerly tiptoeing through them so as not to squish their blossoms or any of our bees.

I like my dandelions and clover.  But only in the lawn.  Where they belong.  Of course.

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  1. I think your weed is ajuga. It's pretty and pretty determined to grow and spread.


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