Sunday, May 11, 2014

my mom gave me problems

It has been a very busy week.  We have had three recitals.  Five lacrosse games, many of them in the rain.  And lessons and rehearsals and homework and projects and planting and animal drama and lots and lots of things that have filled our days.

So we have been taking it on a day by day basis, trying not to get overwhelmed.  Trying not to forget someone somewhere.  Trying to enjoy all the goodness that this busy time can bring.  Because there is lots of goodness.  Lots of moments when you can step back and see the bigger arc of time and see just how much someone has grown and changed and developed.

I checked in on my new package of bees.  And found, with a bit of relief, that the queen has been released from her cage.

She is now out amongst her colony.  Hopefully getting to work.

Despite all the running around, I have still gotten a good deal of planting done.

And I am trying to focus on the asparagus and not the weeds, just as at concerts one focuses on the growth, the fun and the musicality, and not on the foibles or on the frantic rush to get to the concert on time.

But admittedly, some of the more mundane tasks, like the dishes, may have been slightly delayed.

Nonetheless.  Beloved Offspring?  Why, may I ask, is there a shoe on the table?

And if I bring my sewing kit to the music lesson, no one will mind if I whip stitch closed that tiny hole in the bum of the pair of leggings that someone has to wear for chorus tonight, Mommy.

And Nicholas?  I am just going to take a little nap here on this nice soft carpet while the sweet sounds of classical guitar lull me to sleep.  That won't be a problem, will it?

I am so sorry, Elliott.  I should have realized what would happen if Panda spent the night in the middle of the floor and Millie found out that he had not been put away.

(But, just as I am choosing to admire the asparagus and ignore the weeds, I love that Julia wrote this note for Elliott while I was brushing my teeth, to try to help him recover before he headed off to school.)

And, finally, Julia? I know you meant that I was generating math problems for you to calculate in your head.  That you and I were improvising a way for you to say you had done your math homework. As I drove you home from Nicholas' concert on Thursday night.  At far to late an hour.

At least for today, I will choose to ignore any possible deeper meaning.  And just enjoy the belly laugh you provided when I read your notes.

At least for today, I am going to soak up all the togetherness and fun outside and garden growth that I can.  I am going to listen to the kids giggling about the chicks and to Jonathan making a delicious breakfast as I write this.  I am going to hold those tiny fluff balls and admire my children's range of hands, from chubby and sweet and unsure to longer and leaner and more confident.  As they learn to hold these babies as well.  

At least for today, I am going to celebrate putting seeds and seedlings in the garden together.  Released, in my own way, from the busyness of our weekdays, I am going to get to work, here, in my own colony.  

And that will be a perfect Mother's Day for me.

Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day!

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