Sunday, May 18, 2014

possible rooster

If I told you that we have turned our dining table into a chick nursery, would you be horrified?  

It really is the best place for all the activity these little creatures have inspired.

And also, the best place to hang the heat lamp.  From the pewter light fixture.  Of course.

Jonathan fashioned a cat proof lid.   Yes, it is held together with duct tape.  But it works perfectly.

These chicks are receiving so much love.  From our kids when they get home, and from their friends when they come to visit as well.

And they are beginning to earn names.  I know.  One should probably not name their chickens.  It makes things more difficult.  But the names that the kids are creating for them are so good.

Please excuse me while I reveal that I spent time today photographing the chicks, like supermodels with artistic backdrops.  I know.  I am weird.

Under no circumstances have these images been edited, photoshopped, or retouched in any way.  I respect these chicks too much to misrepresent them.

Meet Tiny.  Because she is the most tiniest.

She likes to hang with her sister.  Tiny's Sister.  Naturally.

This is Olive.

She also likes to create optical illusions.  She is very clever.

This is Peep.  For obvious reasons.

This is Sumo.  She likes to eat.  And wrestle.

When you get young chicks, they often come straight run, i.e. it is uncertain as to whether you are getting hens or roosters.  This one is Possible Rooster.  Because this is the position Possible Rooster prefers.  So (s)he has us wondering...

Just how early do these behaviors show themselves?

But for now, Possible Rooster is just as sweet as can be.  And is quite gentle with Tiny.  In fact, they like to snuggle.

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