Sunday, June 1, 2014


The peas, both the sweet peas, and the for eating peas, are coming in.  And I am weeding and guiding them toward the surfaces I want them to climb.  They are in training.

And also in the garden, for brief periods of time, we are letting the chicks experience the outdoors a bit.

Elliott is the perfect companion for them, watching them carefully to keep them safe.

There is lot that is new for them out there.  Sunlight and shadow.

The ability to stretch their legs and bodies to their full height.

Elliott wants them to try some green.  Their first bites of anything beside chick feed.

Our lettuce rows supplied salad for us last night, and for them today.

They find things to nibble on their own as well.

Some are more adventurous with their eating.

And gone.

While we are out there, it allows us a chance to clean out their brooder. Directly into the unsown areas of the garden.

We think they like their first steps in the outdoors.

Where the cucumber hills must feel like mountains.

Possible Rooster's first dirt bath.  So much like my photos of our children's first baths...

Fluffy bottoms in the sunlight.

There's a lot that's growing and changing out there.

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