Sunday, June 15, 2014

coffee and other do-dads

The kids handled a good deal of the Father's Day preparations today.

Inside, there was a decorated breakfast table.

And a certificate, good for one nap, (what they thought Daddy might like and need most).  In the lounge chairs, an early Father's Day present.

And homemade cards.

Nicholas made fancy vanilla milk.  Filled to the brim.

Which Elliott handled with an elegance worthy of the occasion.

And then, it was outside to redeem his coupon.

A lounging friend, Owly.  Who was reading while he wait for his companion to arrive.  Owly, of course.

And a note, from the housekeeper.

There were games to play, should daddy receive visitors.

Though perhaps Owly would have been a sufficient opponent.

And for those solitary moments?  A book, selected by Julia.  

Wishing a Happy Father's Day to all who celebrated.  And that all those daddies out there also got just what they wanted.

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