Sunday, July 6, 2014

rain delay

Yesterday was supposed to be the big boat parade at camp.  And by big I mean several boats line up and follow each other down the lake.  Slowly.  And by slowly, I mean that there is often a canoe or two in the parade.  And these paddlers have no trouble keeping up with the rest of the motor boats.

Last year, sadly, our motor would not start on the morning of the parade.  And so we enjoyed the parade from the dock.  And by enjoyed I mean stood looking a little forlorn on the end of the wharf.  It was fun nonetheless.  

But this year, there were hopes of being parade participants rather than parade spectators.  Decorations were prepared.  Balloons were blown.  The motor was serviced.

And then Arthur decided to make a visit.

So instead, the day was spent mostly inside with only short forays outside.

And a day on dry land, largely on this rug, made by my grandmother from scrap fabric and bits of clothing that my father can still identify, turned out to be almost as nice.  Just a bit different than we anticipated.

And with the wind dying down and the sun peeking through, it is looking more like a lake than an ocean this morning.  So there is still hope for a postponement until a bit later today.  Whatever happens, the decorations are ready.

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