Sunday, August 3, 2014

around the yard

Just a quick walk around the yard to show you a few of the things going on.  As I work to reclaim the gardens from weeds, there is so much going on out there.  Plants we placed here and ones that have been here for many many years.  And some that are, well, weeds.  Sometimes I think maybe we should just work with what has already been here.  These plants and trees are doing their own thing, basically untended.  Yet the insect life during the afternoon hours is so, abuzz, every surface that has any flower or moisture on it is moving ever so slightly as the insects work their way through the pollen and nectar.  Our apple trees and berry patches and vegetable plants that require pollinators to fruit seem much more productive this year, our first full year with honey bees.

This quick walkabout over, I see three little heads in the window reading to each other.  I am headed inside to join them.

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