Sunday, August 24, 2014

blackberries and crabapples

I was picking in the blackberry patch, a frequent evening occupation these past few weeks, dashing out after the sun is less hot and before it becomes too dark to see the berries.  I was thinking, as I tend to do out there in the patch.  Grumbling to myself about how my email inbox is filling up with messages about each of the kid's back to school events and reminders and information.  How we are having fewer and fewer days when it is just us rolling out of bed with no plan for the day until we look outside and decide what makes sense.  And the gardens here are beginning to look a bit past their prime as more and more plants go to seed, become too ripe, and drop their loot.  Feeling a bit blue about the summer ending, and the kids returning to school.  

Then, as I carefully avoided the overly ripe berries and let them fall to the ground, I noticed that the cane I was picking from was climbing the branch of a crabapple tree.  The apples here are beginning to get bigger and some are beginning to redden.  And of course, I was reminded.  There is plenty of goodness around the corner.  Apple picking and fall crops and school excitement and learning and activities and growing.  It is just a shift in how we are together and what we focus upon.

Bittersweet goodness.  

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