Tuesday, August 26, 2014


During a recent stop at our favorite truck stop between home and camp, Dysart's, we spied an interesting desert on the menu, Bumbleberry Pie.

It depends on who you ask what it is.

Dysart's says: 
A Bumbleberry is a Burple and Binkel berry that grows on a giggle bush. (or the boring definition is raspberries and blueberries mixed together.)
Interesting.  I am thinking smurftastic.

And King Arthur Flour says:
And what, pray tell, is a bumbleberry? Actually, it's not a berry; it's a flexible combination of fruits, possibly including apple, rhubarb, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry — choose your favorites. We love to combine all the leftover frozen berries from last summer's harvest, and jumble (bumble) them up into one tasty pie filling: Bumbleberry.

We here are (scratched) elbow deep or perhaps in (way) over our heads in the blackberry bramble.

And a quick trip out for five minutes of picking each morning yields a colander full of berries, but those quick trips are not enough to keep up with the bramble's goods.  And so, we are having blackberries many ways these days.

We are freezing a great many, as quickly as we can, to be thawed once the kids are off at school so I can jam.

And making our favorite morning ritual right now, bumbleberry smoothies.

Using yoghurt from the farm down the road, our frozen blueberries from earlier in the summer, and fresh blackberries.

Sweetened with our honey.

A most extraordinary color emerges.  I may need to take a smoothie to our hardware store and have the artistes there mix me up some paint this color.

Thus far, as we try to adjust our summer bodies back onto the school year schedule, it is a perfect addition to breakfast in the early morning light.

Put it out with Good Morning Scones with chocolate chips, and we might even be considered jolly here in the morning.

It is a stick to your face and teeth and cup kind of consistency.

I highly recommend rinsing the glasses before it begins to stick on...

There is no such thing as a bumbleberry.  And bumblebees don't make honey.  But the bumblebees are down with me in the bramble as I move my way through picking carefully and slowly.  And it is such a very good name.  So let's just go with it.

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