Friday, September 12, 2014

backyard in september

Pretty, right?

Quite honestly, there is a good deal out there that is ugly right now.  

And much that is neglected and gone by without being completely harvested and preserved now that we are back to our school schedules.  

You can spin it positively, point the camera in just the right direction.  And find something that is attractive.

I could get discouraged by what I missed, with frosts coming to the mountains here this week, or I could take a look at what we did bring in.  Let's go with that.

And there is more to come.

The stars out there right now are the flowers.  

And our bees.  

They have been a bit wonky this past month, with two emergency trips for new queens for two hives, and some excellent and extremely generous help and advice from the Honey Exchange and a queen from New Moon Apiaries.  I am beginning their fall treatment for mites and I think I have decided to forgo the fall harvest since my summer harvest was a bit later and they have been busy with queen drama and therefore have had less time to build up their stores for the winter.  I also hope this might mean I need to feed them less come early spring to get them through.  No matter.  I have gallons of honey as it is.  They are still hard at work, and there is a good deal out there for them to forage from.

Goldenrod is the the main attraction for them.  I did not realize how much we had out there growing wild.  They are having to share it with the bumblebees.

The weather has turned.  And trees are changing.

We have storms, and screens...gasp...for our old original windows now.  

So we are ready for the colder weather.  With some time planned around the fire pit as the evenings get cooler but so nicely bug free.  This is a luxurious bonus feeling time here in Maine when it is still warm and gorgeous, without insects biting away as you enjoy it.  

But these days of yellows and oranges and warm sunlight are very good, for now.

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