Sunday, September 28, 2014

long ears

Have you seen Mac Barnett's TED talk?  

Oh, my.  You must.  It is brilliant.
If I am going to break down the fourth wall, I want fiction to escape and come into the real world.  I want a book to be a secret door that opens, and lets the stories out into reality.

~ from Mac Barnett's TED talk
Well that's what happened this past weekend.

Stop!  Mommy!  Stop the car!  It's Long Ears!

And Storm!

There was a great deal to love about One Came Home, by Amy Timberlake.  I myself miss Georgie and her voice, her honesty, her humor from the audiobook version of the book.  For Elliott, and apparently Julia, their love centers on Long Ears, the velvety-eared mule.  And Storm, the horse.

We know these characters aren't real and yet we have real feelings about them.
~ from Mac Barnett's TED talk

It has been about a month since we left Georgie and Long Ears in Placid, Wisconsin.  But they aren't far from our thoughts apparently.

And though, yes, we knew that these were not they, still.  I feel we had a little check in with them.
It's a weird place.  But it's not just a place that kids can get to...Art can get us to that the middle...I am going to call it Wonder.  It's what Coleridge called the willing suspension of disbelief...those moments when a story, no matter how strange, has some semblance of the truth, and then you are able to believe it.

~ from Mac Barnett's TED talk

It was hard to say goodbye.  

Kids...they deserve the best stories we can give them.
~ from Mac Barnett's TED talk

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