Sunday, October 19, 2014


We celebrated Elliott's eighth birthday this weekend.  He's a simple boy.  He waits patiently for a month each year to celebrate with friends.  His birthday falls right as school begins and fresh off Nicholas' birthday festivities.  So, we traditionally wait until mid October when we are settled into the school year.  All he wants in return for his patience?  


A bouncy house, courtesy of an awesome half price coupon.  And a small group of treasured friends.  Carefully chosen for their bounce enthusiasm.

We threw in some other activities.  To give their bellies a bit of a break.  Such as older sibling-run rotten crabapple slingshots.

And a scavenger hunt.

And the sunny cool days of fall have always provided the perfect day to celebrate.

Yes we did.  We did arrange for a migrating geese flyover in W (for Werner) formation.

But really, for Elliott, it is all about the bounce.

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