Friday, November 7, 2014

warmth, new and old

These days, parkas are on the coat pegs.

And our home improvement continues.

A heating system that works -- novel idea: when buttons are pressed things might happen -- is being installed.

Right now, the basement is alive with drilling sounds and clangs and thunks and occasional hisses, as a new furnace and reworking of the heating system gets installed.  

I find it curiously beautiful down there.  Basement art.  Ish.

And outside, a new woodshed is being built with a storage area for all the stuff that caring for this home seems to require.

The old system of pallets was just not working for the large amount of wood we require each winter. 

We are using locally sourced wood.

And recycling windows that have been replaced in the house for better heat efficiency.

And by we I mean, the handy and skilled man who knows how to build things that do not fall over.  And these extremely useful things are in fact, gorgeous.

I am looking forward to a winter that does not involve chiseling our tarp out of the ice each morning so I can get to the wood.  We all have our dreams.  Mine, it turns out, is a woodshed.  

Now, if I could just dream up a wood stacking fairy.

So, enter my two best friends for the next little while.  The garden cart.  For getting the wood from the driveway.

And, my latest Craigslist score, the wood cart.  Which rolls perfectly, from outside to inside.

Though there are some things that were not working here to keep it warm each winter, most of these things were the more modern additions.  Doors placed, windows changed, seams where additions were attached.  These were letting the heat out rather than keeping it in.  The original design, centered on the fireplaces?  They seem to be perfectly designed.  By keeping the heat set low, at a temperature that keeps pipes from freezing, especially when we are not at home, and by burning wood in the two main fireplaces, we are toasty warm.  

We have two wood closets, next to the two fireplaces we use each day.  And this week we found that if you fill both, they hold exactly what we use for a full week of firewood.

The original builders, and these new builders.  They knew and know what they are doing.  With winter coming, it is all about the warmth here.

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