Sunday, December 14, 2014

certain versus impossible

I spend a lot of time thinking about how our children are getting older.  Every day I feel smacked in the face by moments that bring this home.  I recently wrote a post about shoe size as a metaphor for their growth.  And I was thinking that our children are just out there doing this growing thing with very little metacognitive work themselves around the fact that it is happening to them.  That they are just chugging along, and, for the most part, enjoying the ride.

But then I get little reminders that they are aware of these thoughts too.

Julia is certain that ultimately she will have a bigger foot size than me.  Because currently we wear the same size.  And that her name will not morph during the night.  Nor will any parts of her body change into something else altogether, though incremental changes will happen.  And no mythical creatures will descend to the backyard, though we did wonder once if they had.  

I can't help but see her bigger thoughts in this simple list.  That despite all the changes and developing and maturation, she certainly will still be her.  

And I am reminded of what is so good about the mind of a ten year old.  The ten year old mind's certainties and impossibilities.  Such seemingly simple thoughts, with such enormous meaning.

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