Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Inherit Issue of Grounded Magazine

I am so very pleased to announce the publication of the INHERIT Winter issue of Grounded Magazine.  I was fortunate to be the guest editor for this issue and I have so enjoyed the process of connecting and working with each of the contributors included.  They are a talented, thoughtful, and generous crew.

The cover art, shown below, entitled What She Carries is by my good friend Anne Anderson.

And, as I explained in my Letter from the Editor:

I have come to think that, as much as it is about guiding and helping our children grow, parenting is also a process of re-identifying ourselves. An opportunity for us to choose what we accept to keep of that which came before us: genetics, family traditions, values, beliefs, expectations, and the experiences we ourselves have had up to this point of being cared for, of growth, of change. As parents, consciously or unconsciously, there are so many moments in which we consider and rethink who we want to show ourselves to be to our children. We take a bit here, and discard a scrap there. And we rework it. The cover image by Annie Anderson takes my breath away each time I see it, embodying this moment when the nature and nurture of our past churns about behind us and pulls at our feet as we step forward.

There is a factor that can sometimes be forgotten, sometimes gets lost in the swirl of our hopes and fears, goals and blunders, for our children. And that is the existence of choice in inheritance, that we do in fact have it, through whatever means, be it awareness and reflection or taking a similar or a very different path. There is power in this, to create ourselves, build ourselves out of the bits laying around our feet and at our backs. And there is the resulting power that we pass to our children when we demonstrate to them how we can create our own path. That we do just this, stand back and question our actual belief systems and change our trajectories. And this process allows us to be surprised, untethered, and open. To add in more sugar, more flavor than our recipe calls for, because that is what feels right to us. Often, what we thought we had inherited, the stuff, the heirlooms, the genes, the seeds, that’s easily stepped around. More powerful, more persistent, are the belief systems and values and ideas. And the story we make of them.
Please come see what we have made. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being a part of creating it.

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