Tuesday, December 16, 2014

repeat whole thing

I know.  There is a gaudy blowup penguin in my living room.  Let's pretend it is an elephant.  And ignore it.

There is an ease to having traditions.  Such as returning to the same Christmas tree farm every year since we first moved to Maine in 2006.  And as you do the same activities, go to the same places, walk the same paths, you notice the new things, perhaps because your feet know where they are headed and you can observe more.  This year at McNeally's tree farm, the freshly cut stumps left behind were much taller.  I don't know why.  Perhaps one family decided to cut high in order to cut less.  And started a trend.

But of course, my children, who like a good challenge...

 decided that this was an opportunity.

And once one had done it, they all had to.  In their own styles.

This one clearly ran with scissors in preschool.

After much wandering and head scratching and considering and returning to that tree just over there and down the hill several times, we found the perfect tree.  

Cut it down.

And while I wandered off and snapped pictures, also part of the tradition...

They attached it to the car.

And, as we always do, we drove off down the long drive wondering whether the tree was going to stay on top of the car.  And we stopped for our traditional shadow picture.

From there, we dropped the tree at home and headed off to Nicholas' guitar recital.  In which he played a classical piece on his acoustic guitar beautifully.

And then rocked out with a friend and Santa! to Pink Floyd.  It was a perfect mix.

Back home, a quick refuel and donning of hats, and we went to work.

Missing stockings were located.

That's when the music started, in the shadow of the giant holiday blow up penguin.

The others tried to resist.

But in the end, the music got them.  And soon three hatted elves were all making music together.

And it was kind of good sounding music.  Not just the banging of googly eyed clackers and tambourines of olde.  But jazzy improvised versions of traditional songs.

And when one small elf danced off with his bells a jingling, the bigger elves changed their music.  And began playing their less traditional tunes.

Which of course led to a need to watch the rockin performance from earlier in the day.

You know.  Holidays.  Traditional, with a bit of spontaneous improvisation on the side.

The penguin is on the move.  And we will get those Thanksgiving pumpkins down just as soon as I can find the ladder.

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  1. Your penguin is giving me a whole lot of amusement!
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and much love and wonder for the coming year.


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