Tuesday, January 6, 2015

great glen trails, new hampshire

This summer, we discovered a cross country ski place, closed at the time of course, that we decided we would try to return to come winter.  And over our winter break, we did just that.  Across the way from the Mount Washington Auto Road, sits Great Glen Trails.  

We headed here partly because it was one of the few cross country places within an easy day's drive that had enough snow to be open.

And also, heading to Northern New Hampshire gives me a chance to show off my mad high school french skills.  Bien sur.

The kids think it is funny that my school taught French as its main foreign language when their school, and most schools, teach Spanish to their generation.  Admittedly, Spanish is typically a much more useful language.

But I entertained myself and them with my horrible pronunciation and my conjugation mnemonic, singing of the verb to be to the tune of the Mexican Hat Song.  Je suis, tu es, il est, nous sommes vous etes, ils sont!

This one was Elliott's favorite.

There were other favorite things there.  The warming hut.  And the trail's scavenger hunt.

And kind big brothers who fill out younger brother's scavenger forms on trails that shorter legs were too exhausted to trek.  Those were my favorites.

It is a gorgeous spot, in the heart of the White Mountains, skiing at the base of Mount Washington.  And on a grey day of clouds skimming the mountain peaks and with the sun setting so early, the light was amazing.

Everybody flails. En Francais?

(Seeing this, Jonathan observes: It's a miracle that I'm the one who didn't wipe out.)

What is French for fatigued flop?

And it certainly required a stop at our favorite warm soup and sandwich shop on the way back home.

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