Sunday, January 18, 2015

january thaw

The kids have been moaning about the lack of snowfall for the past few weeks.  And, for this past week, about the warmer temperatures which are causing the snow for skiing and sledding to melt, the river to flood, and generally for things to get a bit ugly around here.

However, I told them that I remembered that when I took my beekeeping classes, my teachers had told me that one should check on their hives during the january thaw.  And I told the kids that, if there was a name for such a time, then it must be kind of a regular event.  And with a name, it must have a purpose.  And that it did not necessarily mean that the winter was over.

hive one

hive two (that's sugar candy I made for the ladies, not ice or snow)

It just meant that there was typically a break in the cold and the snow, 'round about mid January.  For us to catch our breath.  Take a peek.  And give them anything they might need to weather the rest of the season.

So that is precisely what I did.

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