Tuesday, January 27, 2015

off the beaten coop loop

A week with three snow days off from school and over three feet of snow outside while painters work away inside our house has made for some interesting days around here.  

We have been moving from chaotic room to chaotic room to give the painters the space they need to work.  Trying to keep everyone here happy and warm and well fed.  

Inside, we are toasty warm, though toting the split logs reminds me of why Laura and Mary brought in all the wood from the woodlot when they saw the blizzard coming across the prairie while Ma and Pa were away in town.

Outside, the snow is so deep.  And the blustery winds have blown it into very deep drifts.

Just moving around the yard, anywhere off of snow blown paths, is exhausting.

My knees are well below the top of the snow.  And I have needed to clear the chicken area several times per day of the snow drifts that keep the ladies from being able to get to their water and food.  I think they enjoy my company down there.

And so, with all the movement from coop to wood shed to barn to driveway, I am slowly plowing a trail that marks the work of keeping creatures feed and house warm.  

My paths are rather straight, from one place to another with few diversions.  Occasionally there is a large rounded nub on my trail, where I have lost my balance and fallen into a snow drift and become stuck for a bit.  Or the area I cleared when I dropped one of the blue/white eggs I was holding into a snow drift and searched for it, to no avail.  I added the beeyard to the coop loop a few days ago when I went to clear their entrances and check on their honey and sugar candy supplies.

This afternoon, I looked around as I trudged along on my coop loop.  And I decided I liked the trails that the kids were making in the snow just as much, if not better.

Nicholas made this path in the snow, the loop to nowhere he calls it, while plowing the way for Elliott who, several feet shorter than him, is only able to move at more than a crawl through all the drifts if he follows in his brother's footsteps.  And, therefore, Elliott followed right along behind Nicholas in the loop, looking down to maintain his footing, before he realized his brother's trickery.  

It was exhausting work.

I searched for Julia for a bit, wondering where she was.  I picked up her trail down by the swing set.

And followed it across the hill and into the olde cemetery next door.

There, I caught sight of her with Jonathan who had snuck outside as well.  Turns out he had walked along the frozen river and come back up to meet Julia on the hill.

They were working on creating an epic sledding run from the cemetery down the river bank and out onto the ice.  I joined them for a bit.  Mommy, don't start there.  There is a person buried under there.

And then, it was back to the house for a bit, to melt the snow off everyone's faces with a cup of warm tea.

And then we all suited up and headed back out there, to keep on with the trail clearing.

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