Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the draw off

Elliott continues to fill out his reading journal each week, finishing off the week's entries with a doodle related to the book he is reading.  He recently finished Sidekicks, by Dan Santat.  I will miss those doodles.

But, it's okay, because he moved on to, and developed an equal devotion to and love for, the Lunch Lady Series, by Jarrett Krosoczka.  

His doodles are spilling off the pages of his reading journal now, and I am finding little books scattered about the house -- filled with his practicing of the characters.

The other night, Elliott was doing his work, next to Nicholas who was working through his interpretation of an Emily Dickinson poem.  Sigh.  Good things.  While I stirred away at the dinner pot.  

Nicholas kept glancing over at what Elliott was doing.  And pretty soon, he could not resist anymore.

That's it, he said, pushing his text, and his next task, which involved his Algebra book, aside.  We are having a draw off.

And pretty soon, I had laid down my spoon.

And joined them.  We chatted away about our efforts to recreate the characters in the books.  And laughed at how they didn't quite work out the way we had hoped.

And then, in one of his best children's book quotes - ever Elliott picked up our post its.  And handed them to Nicholas and I.

And said,  Now sign them.

from The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds

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