Friday, February 13, 2015

and next...

The painters left today.

And as I looked around the kitchen, this step in its renovation now complete, I was so happy to have my kitchen, the most important room in the house really, the one where everything happens, back.  I stood there in the cleared out quiet of the room, the painters tools and cans and boots all gone.  I took a breath, possible without the strong paint smells for the first time in weeks.

I looked at the color, chosen years ago from a book I had stuck a book mark in and returned to when this whole painting project began. I am trying to accept the color as it looks in our kitchen.  It matches the picture in the book perfectly at night, and I still love it then.  But in the daylight, it is looking a bit light and more aqua than I had hoped.  And I am trying to love the drawer handles, which are looking a bit different than I had hoped.  But still.  It is done.  And so much better.

I started planning moving back into the space.  Thinking through emptying and reorganizing cabinets.  And then it caught my eye.  The floor had been tarped and taped for two weeks, to protect it from the spraying and painting of the walls and cabinets.  And now, we had...reverse protection.  The cabinets were now being protected from the floors.

Because of course, as with all home improvement, the work continues.  The floors are being repaired and refinished.  And we will then have to be all Spiderman if we hope to get anything from the kitchen while that is going on. I'm seriously considering building a bridge that lands us on the island so we can use the stove top.

As we enter this next week of school vacation, I am going to take a break from here.  To spend the week together.  And hopefully, here and there, we will find pockets of time to continue to work on the house.  Some new lighting will be installed.

And we will try to repair and likely ultimately call in the professionals to help us deal with the two separate appliances that both decided to give up and stop working in the past two weeks.  Their timing is excellent.  I am naming names.   Mr. Dishwasher.  Not helpful!

And Ms. Laundry Machine. I am not amused.

And we will begin to move ourselves back into the spaces we have not been able to use for the past few weeks.

This closet in the kitchen, once a dirty grubby shoe closet is still the discreet place for the radon remediation system to run through on its way up two floors and out the roof.  But in addition to toxic gases, it will now also be a pantry.  Because that seems like a good idea.  Now if I can just get started with how I want to use it.  So many possibilities.  

With another blizzard in the forecast, I am sure I will find the time to work it out.

But more importantly, we have preparations to make.

And important places to be.

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