Sunday, February 1, 2015

bramble go seek

The kids have a new game.  The fun begins just with the getting there.  Because the game is played in the riverbank bramble.  Please excuse the fuzzy pictures.  Because the game is best played when it is almost dark and when it is lightly snowing.

It begins with a sled ride until you can slide no more, the blackberry canes getting too thick to pass through.

That's when you abandon your ship and take to the stairs.

You will find some enthusiastic tour guides ready to take you on the next leg of the journey.

Which is deep into the bramble.  Where they will lead you.  And then, when you are struggling to detach your hair from a thorn, they will suddenly bolt and disappear and leave you there.

At first, it is a scratchy dark place.  

And then, a few moments in the quiet, you realize it is beautiful.  You enjoy that for a bit. 

And then you begin searching.  For glimpses of colorful outwear hiding somewhere nearby.  Scrambling movements and giggles heard from time to time.

And that's it.  You call out that you see someone when, and if, you do.  But that's not really the point, it turns out.  You slide on your belly.  Squeeze under branches that you have to dig snow out from beneath in order to pass under them.  Stop and lick snow off your mittens while you rest for a bit.  Lie on your back and allow the snow to fall on your face and listen for someone slithering nearby.  You play until you are too cold.  Or someone has been scratched across the nose and has had enough.  And then you head back the way you came.

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