Sunday, February 8, 2015

maze runner

It's official.  There is no longer any room for snow in the city.  Turn out the lights.  Pull in the door latch.  Time to plop a large glass dome over the city.

Plows have taken to smoothing.  It is a similar motion to frosting a birthday cake.  And driving upon it is like surfing a wave, or at least I imagine it is.

Walking to school each morning after finding a place in the snow banks wide enough for room for my parked car and another car to pass by is a long trek.  

Friday morning, as we ran through the taller than Elliott snow banks in the -7 degree temperatures, I felt a little like we were maze runners.  Without the deadly part of course.

Thank goodness for a weekend.  When an 8 year old boy who just wants to play in all that snow.  To dive into it and dig it and crawl in it and flop and slither and eat it.

When he gets to be in all this snow.

Rather than run through it in a rush to something else.  Reminding us that there are many different ways to deal with the snow.  Different ways to move it and move through it.  And really, none of these ways need to be done in a hurry.

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