Tuesday, March 24, 2015

an introduction to: stop here. this is the place.

I am so pleased to have a post on mamalode this week.

And I am especially happy to have my post be about a collaboration between two friends, Winky Lewis and Susan Conley.  Writing the piece, An Introduction to Stop Here.  This is the Place, I got to spend some time talking with each of them and to be with the book they are creating -- an extraordinary collaboration between them using Winky's images and Susan's words.  The book, and the videos and images and stories associated with the project, create a world, a quiet world of thoughtfulness, all focused on the tender fleeting time of middle childhood.  When special lovies and animals can know us better than humans, when we climb into trees and practice keeping secrets. When bodies are lengthening and faces are changing and we can’t look at our children, listen to them, respond to them, without getting our own selves involved in the mix.

This book has not been far from my thoughts since I began reading it. And has remained with me as I spend time with my own children.  And has held some quiet around those moments for me.

So, please hop over to read about their project.  And then take a look at their Facebook page to learn more.  And follow them on Instagram, and Medium, for more stories. And help spread the word about their project.

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