Friday, March 13, 2015

in our family room

Our family room.  It's coming back together after weeks of being in disarray while it and other rooms were being painted.  And we are settling back into it.  Besides the kitchen, it is the place where most things happen here during the winter. A peek into an afternoon spent here is a peek into family life.  An afternoon of seeming chaos.  But somehow, through it all, a new lacrosse goal is put together, homework is done, research projects are explored online, independent reading is completed.  And Julia even has time to teach us all to cha cha.

And because we are all in the same space together, from time to time, everybody is drawn into the work of another.  And we all have to learn how to keep it quiet enough, ordered enough that what needs to get done can be.

* Jonathan would like you to know that, because the action had already started when he walked in the door, he didn't even have time to take off his prescription sunglasses.  He is not, he assures you, so cool that he normally wears them indoors.  Or at night.

Jane Goodall

It is a busy place in our family room.  Looking at the pictures from that afternoon, I realize just how much we weave together.  The books read and then used to prop up some project that was begun, wandered away from, returned to, and eventually, usually, completed.  How we move from technology to each other to books and back around again.  It is a wonder, sometimes, how things get done here with all the racket and noise.  But somehow it works.  And by being together in the same space, we can all be a part of each other's work.  And learn how to engage each other, share what we are learning, and how to ride the waves of each member's interests and explorations.  

Before the sun goes down, the goal makes its way outside.  Sirius the dog finally gets the company he would like.  

And between the snow banks in the driveway, the first games of lacrosse are played, just as dark comes on.  

Pretty soon, more of all this living will happen outside here.  But for now, the family room is where it all happens.

Grandma Moses

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