Sunday, March 8, 2015

scientific art

Found on the floor in our family room.  

When asked what it was, I was told there had been a heated discussion earlier in the day about the relative heights of characters from the books they were reading.  

And that paper and pencil had been employed to work their powers of persuasion.

We may have spelling issues here.  But I think we are readers, if story characters are the focus of heated discussions.

Shooger Man, aka Sugar Man, lives in the Bayou.  So I was working on why he was hanging with a Yeti and a snowman.  Beginning to spin elaborate tales about why they might all meet and have adventures together.  

I asked Elliott why they were all together, hoping for some fabulous answer.

He answered, somewhat exasperatedly.  Mommy.  That was scrap paper.  We just grabbed it to draw out how tall the Sugar Man is.  I had recycled it because I messed up the Yeti's mouth.  And the snow man's nose.

Can't you tell one is a scientific drawing?  And one is art?  Julia added.

Oh.  Well.  You should totally put them in a story together.  Get back to me.

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