Sunday, April 5, 2015

expanding the collection

When we were painting and sprucing Julia's room up a couple of months ago, we went through everything in her room, including all of her books.  She sorted, and leafed through pages, and dusted, and pondered the books she wanted to keep in her room.  She sent some books to Elliott's room that she thought he would enjoy, feeling she had now grown out of them.  And others were sent to the family room shelves.  The ones that Julia kept were perfectly her.  Chapter books and picture books and graphic novels and nonfiction and some books she has written and illustrated herself over the years.  Books she has read and loved and read again and again, and ones that she hopes to read.

It's not right that Nicholas' graphic novel section is bigger than mine, she told me that day as she stood back and admired her alphabetized arrangement, by genre, on her shelves.  And she's right.  It's not.  I am working on that.  Thank goodness for the work of Raina Telgemeier.

Therefore, the newly released graphic novel Roller Girl, by Victoria Jamieson recently came into our lives.

Nicholas and I scooped it up from our beloved Casablanca Comics store after Nicholas' guitar lesson on its release day.  And Julia snatched it away from us as soon as we walked in the back door.

And ultimately, it has ended up in her graphic novel section of her bedroom book shelves, another title to expand her collection.

This past weekend we made a short getaway to Boston for a day, and Julia and I, despite limited time there, were both insistent that part of trip needed to be spent at Brookline's Children's Book Shop.  Oh how I love this book store, in our old neighborhood.  The people who work there, the selection, the organization of the genres and categories, the front window displays, all of it.

We knew we had just missed Jeanne Birdsall's reading of the new Penderwicks book in Brookline, but we decided we might still be able to sense her fumes there and needed to purchase her book.  Which we did.

That book in hand, Julia plopped herself down in her new favorite area, and got to work.  She had some spare birthday money to spend.  And she knew where she wanted to focus.

She tucked this book in her growing stack, saying, let's sneak this in for Elliott.  He will be so happy to have it for the ride home.  She's working on his collection as well as her own, it seems.

And Nicholas came up behind me having spotted this on the shelves.  Look!  Did you know he wrote another one??  Oh these books that celebrate the books.

A quick book chat with the oh so lovely staff at the shop, a few new bookmarks in our bag, and we headed back home.  And I had the quietest most content back seat of the car all the way home.  

Well, their mouths were quite full...

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