Sunday, April 12, 2015

spring weekend

Several inside projects are still ongoing here, but with the warmth and sunshine this weekend, we are beginning to turn toward the outside again.

The maple trees are still tapped and still dripping.  We have had a very good season for sap here.  And we are still boiling away.  But we expect it will be over quite soon.  

Which is good, because the snow has melted in the garden.  And after the chickens have had a chance to stretch their legs and do some work in there for us, it will be time for us to get to work in the garden ourselves.

It has been a glorious, sunny weekend.  The birds are back.  The bees are foraging.  The river has thawed.  It is greening up.  

Friends have begun to drop by.

We are all emerging.  Finding what is out there for us to see. And collect. And enjoy.

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