Tuesday, May 12, 2015

birdies in the windows

There is a good deal of bird drama going on here these days.  This sweet little bird was a wee bit confused by the seedlings in the shed, became lured in by their green and delicate sprouts, and then could not find his way out again.

With some gentle guidance, I helped him find his way outside and he chirped his way back to a nest just outside in a lilac bush.

Any walk around the yard reveals some new creature returning with Spring.  Those looking up might find themselves surprised by Snakey Dickens, named by Elliott, who is also out again sunning himself on the rocks.  I try to suppress my desire to scream when this happens to me.

But past Snakey Dickens, through the greening blackberry bramble.

And down to the river, the geese and ducks are swimming by.

And, okay, not bird, but seriously, it is like a creature highway down there.

I watched this one sun himself, and then take a plunge back into the very cold water.

Up near the house, the songbirds are nesting in the trees everywhere.

And that which is supposed to be outside seems curiously interested in in coming inside.

Do you also hear the soundtrack for Angry Birds in your head?

She's not the only red bird out there who would like in.

But honestly, my favorite birdie out there these days is made of plastic.  I put our badminton set back up on Mother's Day.  And evening games have returned.  

Everyone joins in, or lurks nearby.  Elliott alternates between working his serve and helping out with the dandelion farm expansion project.

Julia is working on her serve.  And her grunt.

Nicholas finds humor in the idea of right racket, wrong birdie.  However Raspberry does not seem to think it amusing at all.

And every once in a while, those within take a look from the inside toward the outside.  In equally curious ways.

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