Sunday, May 24, 2015

tucked away

There are a lot of activities and projects that my children work on and then call to me.  That require an audience eventually.  Will you come see what I made, what I drew, what I found?  And then they bring me to the space where they have been working, and show me their work, and turn to watch me experience it.  Watching my eyes, demanding my attention.  In those moments, I must admit I feel a need to ensure that I give them the right response.  Find something to comment on, ask them a question, or even praise them.  Something that makes them feel seen.  Heard. And appreciated.

But there is something quite different about the work they do for which they do not seek out attention.  I wonder what it is that causes this difference, the projects they are inspired to share and the ones they keep to themselves.  Perhaps it is as simple as the work being forgotten, when they are called in to dinner.  But likely, it is that the process, the slowness, the task was enough for them.  Or that the work was in creating a bit of quiet and privacy for themselves.

I found this.  Tucked away and behind the overgrown forsythia bushes.  I would have missed it if there had not been a loudly chirping cardinal sitting on one of the branches, its flash of red catching my eye as I passed by.


It's a cozy spot, with small collections, arrangements, and tools for tending it.  It comes with its own bird nest with bits of birch bark worked into the twigs.  I am going to wait a bit to tame that forsythia bush, let it grow fuller and allow its leaves to come in and darken.  Even if it is obstructing the view from the picture window above it.  Adding even a touch more privacy to this tucked away spot.  Save and protect whatever creating and thinking and wondering and privacy its caretaker was needing in order to have created this space.  And maybe may need to return to again.

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