Sunday, June 21, 2015

a walk with Millie

Sweet Millie.  Our very naughty pocket sized labrador.  She is a challenge to walk.  A leash brings out her inner wild dog.  But she is good natured, enthusiastic, quiet (mostly), follow your nose kind of company.  And with a bit of reminding and a good - actually, amazing - collar that dissuades the tugging, she is usually willing to sit while you take a picture of a blossom.  If you do it quickly.  Especially if there is something deliciously gross to smell nearby.

But honestly, walking with Millie is more about accepting following your nose, going where it looks interesting, smells strongly, and where there is likely a forbidden secret swim at the end of a path.  

 It is, in fact, a perfect way to take a walk.  To catch a scent.  And follow it.  Albeit at a very quick pace. And find that unpredictable path.

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