Friday, June 19, 2015

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I have been slow to get everything into the garden this year. This should come as no surprise to me, because I am slow every year.  But I think, officially, I have everything in now.  There will likely be plants tucked here and there and reseedings will occur as it becomes clear that something went wrong in certain beds.  But in general, all of the seeds and seedlings we started are now in.

Okay, there may be a few flats of flower seedlings left to tuck here and there.

I have two favorite additions to the space this year.  This first, requested for several years by Elliott, is his own space, separate from the vegetable garden. And? He wanted it to be fenced.  We worked on that and finally completed it late one evening, and all three kids and I were so excited by the results that we seeded and composted and prettied up that space before dark that night.  We all can't wait to see what happens in there in the next month or so.  It is mostly flowers from seed with a few plants from the heritage garden down the road purchased from their plant sale.

My second favorite addition is the beds of assorted flowers that I put in the original garden this year.  We shall see how they do, how I am able to differentiate between weeds and flower seedlings, but I am pretty excited for their potential visual impact, for their supply of flowers for small hands to snip, and for what they will offer our bees for forage.

Our bird houses on the fence posts are full and chattering again, and I remain so happy that the houses are at eye level for an 8 year old to peek into and spot the strained necks and open mouths of the tweeting baby birds inside.  And the garden is a flutter of activity as the parents scavenge for food to fill those hungry mouths.

And, four years into being here now, some of the plants we planted when we first arrived here have become reliable returns each summer.

I have finally given up on trying to be very fancy with flower pots and window boxes and am being creative with the plants that I tuck into them.  Last year I ended up putting the thyme I thinned from the hearty herb beds (it's so hard for me to thin things) into the window boxes. And the boxes were fragrant and green and hearty for the whole season, not to mention alive with bees well into the fall with their small blossoms.  This year I tucked some nasturtium seedlings in there as well, nasturtium having survived and even flourished in their neglect and infrequent watering in our flower pots up near the house last year.  

There is plenty, so much, too much, left to do out there.  I continue to battle the wild mint and burdock here that just keeps returning and taking over any bed I look away from.  But now that I have everything in that needs to be? I can focus on taking out what shouldn't be.

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