Friday, June 26, 2015

garden out

And now, the sequel to my garden in post the other day.  This is what came next after finally emptying all of the seedling flats and seeds and preparing and composting and weeding all the beds in the garden.  Then I got to work on the beds that are outside the garden.

I know.  Sequels can be disappointing.  Especially if they are about weeds.  In my garden.  But I spent so much time on this project that I feel the need to share it.  Please know that writing this hurts me as much as it hurts you to read it.  Because with all the weeding and shovel hopping to remove well rooted undesirables and hauling of incredibly heavy cartloads of weeds down the hill to the brush pile?  I hurt.  And my hands are gnarly and sore and blistered and torn up by the experience.



I moved on to the garden by the patio. A mint gardener's paradise.

Mint, dead scrub, and grass removed, I put the kids to work with seeds.

And as soon as we had covered the seed and I had thrown in the rest of our seedlings, Millie found her place in the garden as well.

I have chosen to look the other way about the seedlings she trampled.

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