Sunday, June 14, 2015

possible fruit

Do you remember the passage in Toys Go Out, by Emily Jenkins?  In which Plastic, the ball, encounters a possible shark on the beach.  An encounter which leaves Plastic slobbered upon, punctured, and slightly deflated?

I can't stop thinking of that passage as I walk around the fruit patch and orchard these days.  What I am seeing is possible fruit.  Flowers that have been pollinated, largely by our own bees.  

And the flowers passing, the petals falling away.  To reveal fruit.  Unripe fruit.  Hard, green, and prickly. But fruit potential.  Fruit, future colorful juicy succulence.  Future jam.  

What might, if all conditions align, such as no cold snaps, drought, freak severe storms, heavy winds, hail, rodent snatches, pest invasions, and blights.  Just possibly ripen, soften, and sweeten in the sun.  

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